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Observations for 2014:

Looking back at all the weddings we did this past year, we noticed a few trends and thought we would chime in concerning some of these.

DJ’s:  We’ve had couples hire friends or less expensive DJ’s before, but there seemed to be an increase this year. A DJ can make or break your reception. They are the Master of Ceremonies for your reception. A successful DJ is entertaining, can read the crowd (knowing what to play when), is interactive with the guests, works well with the vendors, particularly with the photographer and the videographer, and creates a fun party atmosphere. The “less successful” ones have almost no interaction with the crowd, think their only job is to play music, whether people are dancing to it or not, offers almost no communication with the photographer/videographer, which can sometimes lead to possible missed shots of events, and doesn’t have a basic timeline of the reception, which unfortunately lends itself to a disorganized, somewhat boring reception. We have found that usually the “less successful” ones happen to be friends of the couple, or haven’t done many weddings, if any at all, or just don’t really care. Check reviews, ask other couples you know, and spend a little bit more money on your DJ if need be. This is your wedding reception. You want it fun, memorable, and for it to be the best it can be.

Officiant:  We’ve seen an uptick in “friends of the family” this year performing ceremonies for the bride and groom. Most do a good job, even though this is not their specialty, but please, please, please….make sure they invite the guests to sit down after the bride has made it to the altar. Having your guests stand throughout the ceremony… and no they will not sit down unless prompted to… makes it difficult for the secondary video camera to get a decent shot of the ceremony depending on the layout of the venue. Also, you certainly don’t want your guests to have to stand up for 20 minutes or so, especially on those warm days.

Photographer: We understand photographers can be very expensive. There are also some talented photographers that are budget friendly. As videographers, we try to keep our prices budget friendly. Again, we have seen an increase in “friends” doing the photography at some weddings. Ask any photographer, weddings are one of the most difficult types of photography there is. Besides not having any experience at doing weddings, many of these friends have no experience at posing groups of people, let alone the Bride and Groom, fumble with their equipment, miss (or almost miss) special moments, get into and ruin some of our shots, and miss opportunities for some great shots(sunsets,locations) because of bad planning in the limited time they have to take photos, especially post ceremony. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a good photographer if it isn’t in your budget. We have some in town ranging from $900-$1500.00 that do very nice work. But if anything, hire one (friend or professional) who has had experience shooting weddings. Some of the brides we spoke to after their wedding day admitted being disappointed in their photos and realized they shouldn’t have had a “friend” shoot their wedding. This is a one time shot….no do overs.

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