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On the fence about whether you should get a wedding video or not? Did you know that one of the biggest regrets brides have after their wedding day is that they didn’t get a wedding video. You’ve probably read all the pros and cons about wedding videos, but here are the two most overlooked reasons as to why having a videographer on your wedding day is more important than you think.

1. After months and months of planning, your wedding day finally arrives, and it goes by in a flash. There is so much of your wedding day that you forget or never see. The pre-ceremony prep, your vows, the ceremony itself, the reception, all go by so fast you hardly have time to take it in. What makes a wedding video so different from wedding photographs, is that you get to see and hear everything that you missed or forgot. Ask a friend or family member who were recently married… ask what they remember about their ceremony….their reception. Chances are, a lot less than you would think. A wedding video brings it all back, and then some, and let’s you relive your wedding day over and over again.

2.  You always hear from people older than you how fast the years fly by. Well, in this case they’re right. Ask a friend or family member who is celebrating their 5th, 10th, or 20th wedding anniversary, and they will tell you they can’t believe how fast the years have gone by. How long has it been since you graduated from high school or college? 10 year reunion coming up? Went by quick didn’t it. With a wedding video, you can go back and relive your wedding day like it was yesterday. With the HD quality of today’s cameras, you’ll experience it as if it were yesterday. Do your parents have a wedding video? Do you wish they did? Can you imagine your kids watching grandma and grandpa getting married? Do you wish you could see your grandparents wedding ceremony? How young everyone looked? A wedding video is not only for you, but for your family and future generations to come.

All our videos are shot in Cinematic Documentary style. We present your wedding day as it happens. All the main parts of your wedding day are shown in their entirety. Your ceremony, your first dance, your dance with your parents, cake cutting, toasts, and your bouquet and garter toss. All there for you to experience at anytime. Wedding Videos are great to watch on your wedding anniversaries. It brings back all the reasons why you fell in love and got married.

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Think your wedding day will go as planned?

Hmmmm…probably not.  But that’s okay. The wedding can’t start without you and it’ll be just as beautiful as you imagined it.  As Wedding Videographers, we get a rare glimpse into the workings of a wedding day from start to finish.  Here are a few things that may or may not happen on your wedding day, but don’t stress, things like these are bound to happen to almost every couple.

<Hair and Make-up will take longer than expected.

<(Insert business name here) sent one of your Bridesmaids two left shoes.  Family friend goes back to the store to retrieve correct shoe and makes it back just in the nick of time.

<Iron in your room not working, and if there was ever a time when you really needed to iron something…

<Does anyone know how to tie a bow-tie? Anyone?

<Grandparents are lost.  Can’t read GPS.  Wedding begins in 30 mins.  Mom?!?!?!

<The limo is ready for us downstairs and I can’t find my shoes.  Mom?!?!?!

<Do you have the rings? No, do you have the rings?  Who has the rings?

<Hair and Make-up will take longer than expected. (Just in case you missed it the first time).

<Where’s the officiant?

<Who’s the officiant?  A friend of theirs.  Is this his first wedding? Yes.  I thought so.

<Honey, the officiant needs the marriage license. I thought you had the marriage license.

<I shouldn’t of eaten that sandwich.

<Do you think the wind will stop blowing at hurricane force by the time our ceremony starts?

<Do you think it’ll stop raining by the time our ceremony starts?

<Is the flower girl suppose to do that?  

<Isn’t the ring bearer adorable?  Hey, where’s he going?

<Where’s the maid of honor?  Let me call her.  She thought the wedding was tomorrow.

<It’s 1:00 p.m. The wedding starts at 1:00 p.m.  Where’s the bride?

<The rings please. OMG!!! I left them in the dressing room, I’ll be right back.

<Don’t let the groomsmen drink before the ceremony…especially on an empty stomach…especially on a warm summer day. Just saying.

<After entering the reception room…..Where’s the D.J.?

<I told you if we had two four foot cakes connected to each other on the top tier by a bridge it would probably collapse.

<It’s Bob’s turn to make the toast. Is Bob wearing a kilt? Is that make-up? OMG.

<Now honey, don’t smash the cake in my face…I don’t want to mess up my make-up. Honey???  Sweetheart?!?!? Don’t you dare!!!  Ohhhhh Noooooo!!!!

<Uncle Tony you’re in the way(processional).  Uncle Tony you’re blocking the photographer.  Uncle Tony you’re in the video guy’s way now.  Uncle Tony….go sit down.

<Getting married near the airport?  Ceremony lasting 20 minutes?  Expect at least 4 airplanes to fly over….loudly.

<I really, really, have to go to the bathroom right now. (after about an hour of picture taking…with no bathroom in sight).

<Who turned off all the lights? (middle of garter removal/toss).

<I told the DJ not to play that song, now (insert Bride’s name here) is upset.

<Could someone help my new husband off the bus, I think he passed out.

<Where’s the Bride…it’s time to cut the cake. Does anyone know where the Bride is?

<Where’s the Groom…it’s time to cut the cake. Does anyone know where the Groom is?

<Weren’t they suppose to start dinner at 8:00 p.m.?  What time is it now?  10:00 p.m.

<Hey look, a pool….think we should? Should we dare? It’s a rental anyway. Who’s with me? OMG…they all jumped in the pool with their clothes on. 

<I can’t find my husband. (Fremont St.)


So will your wedding go off without a hitch?  Let’s hope so.  But the odds are not in your favor.  Remember, this is Las Vegas.  Don’t stress, because after it’s all over, you’ll just laugh about it.  All the bumps and bruises that happen that day are what make your wedding day different and special.


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Steve restored this classic Mustang just in time for his wedding day.

Steve restored this classic Mustang just in time for his wedding day.

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