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It’s been awhile since our last blog, but thanks to all our Brides and Grooms for choosing us to document their Wedding Day, and for keeping us so busy. We met couples from all over the world….Australia, Scotland, England, Canada, Ukraine, France, and at least a dozen or so of our own states. This year we saw an increase in Weddings stepping out of the norm. There were themed weddings: 1920’s, Pittsburgh Steelers, Old Vegas, Costumed, Elvis, Chinese, and Scottish. Along with the normal wedding venues, we also filmed weddings at The Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, on the top of the High Roller, Mt Charleston, Nelson, and Red Rock Canyon. We even had a helicopter pick up the Bride and Groom at the end of the reception, instead of using the typical limo ride. So when planning your wedding day, don’t be afraid to be different. Surprise people, throw in those little touches that show personality and distinguishes your wedding day from the rest.

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Personalizing your wedding day? Here are some ideas from a recent wedding.hanger pillows dance floor shoes cake top

The photo above with their initials and wedding date was their dance floor made especially for their reception.

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Observations for 2014:

Looking back at all the weddings we did this past year, we noticed a few trends and thought we would chime in concerning some of these.

DJ’s:  We’ve had couples hire friends or less expensive DJ’s before, but there seemed to be an increase this year. A DJ can make or break your reception. They are the Master of Ceremonies for your reception. A successful DJ is entertaining, can read the crowd (knowing what to play when), is interactive with the guests, works well with the vendors, particularly with the photographer and the videographer, and creates a fun party atmosphere. The “less successful” ones have almost no interaction with the crowd, think their only job is to play music, whether people are dancing to it or not, offers almost no communication with the photographer/videographer, which can sometimes lead to possible missed shots of events, and doesn’t have a basic timeline of the reception, which unfortunately lends itself to a disorganized, somewhat boring reception. We have found that usually the “less successful” ones happen to be friends of the couple, or haven’t done many weddings, if any at all, or just don’t really care. Check reviews, ask other couples you know, and spend a little bit more money on your DJ if need be. This is your wedding reception. You want it fun, memorable, and for it to be the best it can be.

Officiant:  We’ve seen an uptick in “friends of the family” this year performing ceremonies for the bride and groom. Most do a good job, even though this is not their specialty, but please, please, please….make sure they invite the guests to sit down after the bride has made it to the altar. Having your guests stand throughout the ceremony… and no they will not sit down unless prompted to… makes it difficult for the secondary video camera to get a decent shot of the ceremony depending on the layout of the venue. Also, you certainly don’t want your guests to have to stand up for 20 minutes or so, especially on those warm days.

Photographer: We understand photographers can be very expensive. There are also some talented photographers that are budget friendly. As videographers, we try to keep our prices budget friendly. Again, we have seen an increase in “friends” doing the photography at some weddings. Ask any photographer, weddings are one of the most difficult types of photography there is. Besides not having any experience at doing weddings, many of these friends have no experience at posing groups of people, let alone the Bride and Groom, fumble with their equipment, miss (or almost miss) special moments, get into and ruin some of our shots, and miss opportunities for some great shots(sunsets,locations) because of bad planning in the limited time they have to take photos, especially post ceremony. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a good photographer if it isn’t in your budget. We have some in town ranging from $900-$1500.00 that do very nice work. But if anything, hire one (friend or professional) who has had experience shooting weddings. Some of the brides we spoke to after their wedding day admitted being disappointed in their photos and realized they shouldn’t have had a “friend” shoot their wedding. This is a one time shot….no do overs.

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  • What if it rains on our outdoor ceremony?  This is Las Vegas…chances are pretty slim. Most of the wedding we do are outdoor weddings. We have never had one rained out. Some close calls…but we have never been rained out.
  • I want our vows to be perfect.  Write your own. Don’t rely on the officiant to say how you feel about each other…speak your own words to each other. How perfect is that.
  • I’m really shy…I don’t like to be in front of large groups of people.  These are your family and friends. Once you get up there, you won’t even notice 95% of them. Just concentrate on the task at hand. Look into each other’s eyes, speak your vows slowly and clearly, make sure his ring is sized to never come off, and follow all the officiants instructions. Everything else will be a blur. That’s why you are having your wedding videotaped…remember.
  • What if I’m running late?   Your Wedding can’t start without you. Just don’t be too late. There is a large group of people who can’t wait to see how beautiful you look.
  • I Hate Having My Photo Taken.  Too late now. Get ready to have hundreds of photos taken of the two of you….and you will cherish everyone of them….and you’ll look beautiful.
  • I don’t know how to dance…I’m a little worried about our first dance.   You and just about every other Bride and Groom. Unless you’ve taken lessons, you’re in the same boat as almost everyone else. Pick a slow song, stand close to one another, rock back and forth, look into each others eyes, and you’ll be fine.
  • What if things don’t go perfectly?   Perfectly? Wedding? Not gonna happen. A lot of ingredients go into your Wedding Day. Wedding professionals, guests, weather, traffic, transportation, venues, accommodations, and all those little miscellaneous items that took you hours and hours of work and planning. No wedding day goes perfectly. Instead of stressing out, remember, if anything does go wrong, one day you’ll just end up laughing about it. You’ve done all the hard work, your wedding day is here, so now just relax and enjoy this special moment in your life. There may/will be bumps, but don’t let them ruin your day. By the end of the day, you will have been married, danced, partied, and had a great time….honest.
  • If you’ve hired the best professional vendors you could find: Planner, Venue, Florist, Officiant, Photographer, DJ, Videographer, Hair & Make-up, Caterer, Bakery, etc…, let them do the jobs you hired them to do so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. No matter what happens, your wedding day will always be a day you will never forget.

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 What advice can we give to the many destination brides booking a Las Vegas wedding? Plenty. Here are just a few suggestions for those brides planning a “Vegas” wedding.

Double Decker Bus: Fun, excitement, and frivolity. Well, in reality, it’s a tour bus that inches itself along the strip….especially on the weekends. Most of your two hour tour is spent idling at stop lights. Our advice? If you are going to book a DDB, do it at night. Like most big cities, Las Vegas can be a little bland during the day, but at night, that’s when the Las Vegas Strip really shines. Book some entertainment on the bus. It may cost a bit more, but having someone like an Elvis performer along for the ride will enhance the experience two-fold. Should we book a photographer/videographer along for the ride? Not really. The DDB doesn’t allow standing in the bus, so any photos or video will be of your guests sitting down oooooing and aaaaiiiinnng at the sights. Your photographer and videographer aren’t allowed to stand either….which can make for ordinary photos and not very exciting video footage. Our advice? Send your guests on the DDB bus for the tour, while you…the couple….take a limo(along with a photographer/videographer) down to Fremont Street. Lots of photo opportunities, and the makings of a fun video.

In Suite Reception: If you have a small group with you, this is an excellent alternative to a large reception room. Just beware. These rooms may look large in the photos on the hotel website, but actually, they aren’t as big as you may think. We recently did one in a 1500 sq. ft suite. Sounds big. Subtract the bedroom, the bathrooms, the entry hall, staircase(there was one in this room), the tables, furniture, etc…, and the room isn’t quite as large as you may think. If you can, get one with a patio, that adds more room for your guests to roam around. Our suggestion…don’t plan a suite reception if you have more than approximately 40 guests.

Outside Vendors: Getting married in a Hotel Chapel? Most will not allow outside vendors, which means you are at the mercy of their hired hand photographers…sorry, a lot of the photos we’ve seen from these photographers are basically snapshots. That’s because you are just another wedding to them. They are not personally invested in you like an outside photographer you can hire would be. Same goes for video. Most chapels have 3 cameras highly mounted on their walls looking down on your ceremony. Not a pleasing angle, and makes for a dull video. Like with the photographer, there is no personal investment there (or creativity). Look for a hotel that will allow you to bring in outside vendors (Officiant, flowers, photographer,videographer), this is your wedding, try to keep it as personal as possible. There is an extra cost in this, but in our opinion, well worth it. Locations we know of that lets in outside vendors (at a cost) are The Flamingo, Caesars, and The Platinum Hotel. There are probably more…just check with each hotel.

Best Practice: Las Vegas is a very busy place. Your wedding day can be stressful enough. Relieve some of that stress, on you and your guests, by planning your wedding day all in one location if you can. Your hotel rooms, your ceremony venue, and your reception…all in one location. No need for shuttling you and your guests around town…especially with our traffic….which will also save you time and money. Want to take pictures at the sign with your guests? Hire a party bus to and from your hotel. Want to do a photo tour with your wedding party? Plan your photo tour between your ceremony and reception. While you are on your tour, your guests can partake in the Vegas activities, or go to their rooms to get ready for your reception. Photo Tours usually last around 2 hours. Best time for that Double Decker Bus ride? Plan it after your reception. It’ll be nighttime, your guests will be somewhat “loosened” up, and it would be a fun way to end the night.

If you have other suggestions, or would like to ask us about anymore ideas, contact us anytime at kelly@langdonvideo.com, or reply to this blog.

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