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Now that your wedding is over, you’ve watched your wedding video, thank you cards have been sent out, and with those endless hours of planning behind you,what do you do with your all those wedding photos? Five hundred,a thousand,fifteen hundred photos on your photo disc? You can share them digitally on social media, have prints made for a photo album…but what about that one amazing photo your photographer was able to capture of the two of you on your wedding day. You know the one. We came across a website we thought our currently booked Bride and Grooms, or future Bride and Grooms would be interested in, www.royalcanvas.com. We thought that their canvas prints were a perfect way to showcase that one special photograph in your home for everyone to see. Their prices look fair, and the quality very nice. We have no affiliation with this company, but we thought we would share this with everyone and anyone who might be looking for a product like this for their wedding photos. With today’s digital technology, and the quality of photographer’s these days, this is almost a no brainer. If anyone decides to try them out, we’d love to know if the quality of the photos are as advertised so we can pass the information on to our future Bride and Grooms.


In a future blog we will recommend some photographers we have worked with over the years that we feel would be worth your consideration when looking for a wedding photographer.

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