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If you are getting married this year and are considering a Wedding Video, here are a just a few tips for a better video (and photos).

  1. If you are having the videographer and photographer come to your room for some pre-ceremony footage, you can save some time if you have the items for detail shots ready to go. This includes your dress, shoes, rings, jewelry, and any other items you would like photographed or included in your video. As for the video itself, if you have music playing in the room, have it turned down or off. We like to add music to your pre-ceremony footage, but we also like to include the natural room sounds (conversations, laughter, etc…), so if there is music playing in the background, this will compete with the added music, and having two songs playing at the same time does not make for good audio.
  2. Have an “unplugged” wedding ceremony. Ask your guests to put away their phones, cameras, and IPads. Shots can be compromised with guests unintentionally getting in the way of or blocking a camera while taking a picture for themselves. We’ve experienced processional and recessional shots unintentionally ruined because some guests have positioned themselves in the aisle to get a picture or video for themselves using their phones/cameras/ IPads and have inadvertanly blocked some of our shots. This can also end up disrupting the flow of the ceremony. You can have your officiant make an announcement before the ceremony for all your guests to put away their phones, cameras, etc…., and that there are photographers and videographers there to get the best photos and video possible for the couple. This also lets your guests enjoy the ceremony and enjoy being in the moment.
  3. When having your Toasts at your reception, whenever possible, position the “toaster” next to or behind you at your table. This is so we can include everyone in the shot. If the “toaster” is standing away from you, such as on the dance floor away from you or at their own table, then we aren’t able to capture reaction shots of you during the toast and are only able to capture the “toaster”. Having everyone in the shot is the most ideal way of shooting your toasts.
  4. Do your best to not pay attention to the videographer and/or photographer’s presence while we are shooting. It’s a little harder than it sounds, but since our goal is to video/photograph candid moments as they happen, it makes for better shots if you aren’t always aware of the cameras, and it will also make you a little less self conscious. If you pretend we are not there, then the shots will look more natural. Of course this doesn’t apply when doing posed photographs with the photographer, or if the videographer asks for a particular shot.

These are just a few tips to help your videographer and photographer get the best possible shots they can on this, your wedding day. We want you to be able to look back and enjoy your video and photographs and remember this day in the best possible way.

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