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  • What if it rains on our outdoor ceremony?  This is Las Vegas…chances are pretty slim. Most of the wedding we do are outdoor weddings. We have never had one rained out. Some close calls…but we have never been rained out.
  • I want our vows to be perfect.  Write your own. Don’t rely on the officiant to say how you feel about each other…speak your own words to each other. How perfect is that.
  • I’m really shy…I don’t like to be in front of large groups of people.  These are your family and friends. Once you get up there, you won’t even notice 95% of them. Just concentrate on the task at hand. Look into each other’s eyes, speak your vows slowly and clearly, make sure his ring is sized to never come off, and follow all the officiants instructions. Everything else will be a blur. That’s why you are having your wedding videotaped…remember.
  • What if I’m running late?   Your Wedding can’t start without you. Just don’t be too late. There is a large group of people who can’t wait to see how beautiful you look.
  • I Hate Having My Photo Taken.  Too late now. Get ready to have hundreds of photos taken of the two of you….and you will cherish everyone of them….and you’ll look beautiful.
  • I don’t know how to dance…I’m a little worried about our first dance.   You and just about every other Bride and Groom. Unless you’ve taken lessons, you’re in the same boat as almost everyone else. Pick a slow song, stand close to one another, rock back and forth, look into each others eyes, and you’ll be fine.
  • What if things don’t go perfectly?   Perfectly? Wedding? Not gonna happen. A lot of ingredients go into your Wedding Day. Wedding professionals, guests, weather, traffic, transportation, venues, accommodations, and all those little miscellaneous items that took you hours and hours of work and planning. No wedding day goes perfectly. Instead of stressing out, remember, if anything does go wrong, one day you’ll just end up laughing about it. You’ve done all the hard work, your wedding day is here, so now just relax and enjoy this special moment in your life. There may/will be bumps, but don’t let them ruin your day. By the end of the day, you will have been married, danced, partied, and had a great time….honest.
  • If you’ve hired the best professional vendors you could find: Planner, Venue, Florist, Officiant, Photographer, DJ, Videographer, Hair & Make-up, Caterer, Bakery, etc…, let them do the jobs you hired them to do so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. No matter what happens, your wedding day will always be a day you will never forget.

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