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With the fall wedding season just ahead of us, we would like to thank all the great couples in Las Vegas we have had the chance to work with this year. They’ve come from all over the world, and from different parts of this country. Couples have been getting more creative with their wedding planning, from DIY receptions, non-traditional themes, and an overall feeling of making their wedding unique. There is a trend towards smaller weddings, a bit more intimate than in years past. We’ve have always been very lucky working with great people, this year and in the past. We have fortunately never run into a “Bridezilla”. We also feel very privileged to be a part of someone’s wedding day, and that they chose us to document it for them. We take our role in a couple’s wedding day very seriously, that’s why we love our job.  We’ll never get rich doing this, but we are thankful to be able to enjoy what we do. Knowing that our couples enjoy our work, as our reviews can attest to, makes it all worthwhile.

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What goes into creating a wedding video?

As Las Vegas Wedding Videographers, one thing that separates us from many of the other wedding videographers, is that as a husband and wife team, we work with you from start to finished video, making sure your wedding video is a true representation of your wedding day. We don’t shoot to impress other videographers, we shoot to impress you. We start with the initial consultation in which we assess the details of your wedding day and your personalities so we can get a feel of what your wedding day will be like. If we have not worked at any of your wedding day locations, we will usually scout those out long before your wedding, so we can get a taste of what your day will be like. We attend your rehearsal so there will be no surprises on your wedding day.  It’s also a good chance to meet the wedding party, parents, and to go over any last minute details.  After the Wedding, all video is loaded into our computer and ready to edit. All editing is done by us. No part of the wedding video process is given to someone else to do. We do all the shooting and editing. In a small way, your video edits itself. The feel, the pacing, the music,what effects, if any, we will use. That’s what makes your wedding video different from other wedding videos. We don’t just throw on any music, but music that fits the scene. We don’t overuse effects just because we can. Some videos have a romantic feel, some have an upbeat fun feel to them, some have tears, some have laughter. That’s why we shoot and edit each video ourselves. In our opinion, whenever possible, we think the person shooting the video, should also edit the video. Who would know better than anybody what your wedding day was like than the person who just spent all day with you. That’s why we edit everything we shoot. No cookie cutter, slapped together editing. That’s also why each video has it’s own distinct running time. We don’t restrict ourselves to set times…20 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins, etc… Each video stands on it’s own. Your finished video is delivered to you in a personally designed case with cover, using photos pulled from your finished wedding video. We don’t look at each wedding we book as just another wedding, we look at it as your wedding, something unique to you.  That is why we strive to make your wedding video uniquely yours.


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Bring your vision to reality

In this blog, and in future blogs, we’d like to bring your attention to some wedding professionals currently working in the Las Vegas Wedding Industry. Our first wedding vendor is Joni Moss of LV Wedding Connection. Joni has worked in the Las Vegas Wedding Business for over 20 years. She has worked for numerous wedding chapels, is the founder of the Nevada Wedding Association, and sits on the Board of the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism. We have worked with her many times over the years, and she is probably the bubbliest, friendliest person you may ever meet. As the owner of LVWedding Connection, Joni is able to work with you to fulfill all your wedding day needs and help you with any of your wedding planning. She can provide you with just about anything you may need for your wedding day.  Joni has connections all over Las Vegas, from the finest Hotels, Restaurants, Venues, Showrooms, to the best wedding vendors around town. She is able to supply you with Cakes, Floral, DJ’s, Formal Wear, Officiants, Photography, Videography, Transportation, Photo/Video Strip Tours, etc… just about anything you can think of. If there is a place in Las Vegas, or in the surrounding area you would like to have your wedding, Joni can probably make it happen. We have worked with a lot of different wedding vendors over the years, some good, some not so good, but we have no hesitation in recommending Joni.  Everything you need to know is on her website, www.lvweddingconnection.com


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Should we get a wedding video?  Is it worth the money?

These are actual answers taken from an article on The Knot on this very subject.

“The only regret I have about our wedding is not having a videographer. The day goes by so quickly — you really miss so much of it. I look back now and wish I would have spent the money for it.”


“I was really worried that I might regret not having a videographer — not only to capture my fiance and me, but mostly our family members. I know it’s kind of morbid, but I know they won’t be around forever and I wanted to capture their voices and mannerisms.”


“While we are very pleased with our photographer, I’m now starting to have second thoughts about not having a videographer. I guess there’s nothing like having a video to capture the details, people’s faces/expressions, our vows — things that I might miss during the day as a busy bride and that don’t necessarily get captured in even the best quality photos.”


“DO IT!!!!! I promise you will not regret spending the money. You may not think you want to relive every minute, but after the day you have been meticulously planning for months flies by in what feels like seconds, you will be desperate for a way to remember it!”


“I just got married in June, and we had both a photographer and a videographer. I am so, so, so thankful that we ended up going with the video. It was something we almost cut to save money, but it was so worth it! When we got the pictures back, there were many guests and moments that were missed — and thankfully were caught by the video. I hate being videotaped, but I never even noticed him throughout the day.”


“You can replay the most special moments in your life if you have a videographer.”


“Our videography was some of the best money we ever spent. It’s true that it goes by so fast, and you do see things you didn’t notice when you see the video. Absolutely zero regrets. Our reasoning was that if we’re going to spend so much money on one day, don’t you want to be able to relive it through video? Plus, we can show it to our kids.”


“I regret not having one. I thought that I’d never watch it and I’d have my pictures, but there’s a lot of your wedding that, as the bride, you don’t get to see. For example, I wish I could see what was going on inside my ceremony tent before I got there. I wish I could see my bridesmaids walk in. The whole thing went by so fast — I’d kill to have more memories of it.”


“I’m definitely planning on hiring a videographer. I want to be able to see fiance’s and my expressions when we say our vows. I want to be able to hear how we say them — and I just want to see everyone have a ball at our reception. And come 40 years from now when DVDs and blu-rays are old-school, I still want to be able to watch us on our big day.”


“I did not think I would be so excited to watch our wedding video, but the day went by so quickly! I want to see our ceremony and cocktail hour, which I missed. Though I may only watch it a few times, I think it was worth the money.”


“I think that the video will capture things that the photos won’t. I know it gets really expensive, but if you just want a documentary-style video (no love stories and all the extras), it will be much cheaper.”


“We barely even considered hiring a videographer and were confident in the decision not to have one. But after the wedding, I really wished we’d had one. We really underestimated how much we would want to relive the day and see things we missed. Our photos are wonderful but video still captures something photos don’t.”


“I was anti-video, but I bit the bullet and got one anyway. We don’t watch it very often, but I love having it there for me to watch. We had both the ceremony and reception filmed, and I love being able to see everything that I missed the night of my wedding.”


“I had my wedding last month, and I regret not getting a videographer. I thought pictures would be enough and most people don’t watch their videos anyway, but your wedding goes by so fast and you miss a lot of things. Plus, I feel like I was in a blissful daze for a lot of it and would love to have the important things captured in video. Pictures just don’t capture everything.”



What’s your opinion?  Glad you hired a videographer?  Regret not hiring a videographer?  Favorite things about your wedding video?  Leave a comment and let other couples know how you feel.


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It’s no secret to anyone that you can’t trust your memory. We’ve all had moments where we’ve misremembered details, forgot something, or even made up details completely. Our memory isn’t reliable because it’s about perception.  Memories can be changed by all kinds of things. Nostalgia plays a role in how we remember things. Our minds will fill in gaps in our memories with details that probably didn’t occur. Memories are constantly changed by many factors. The problem is we don’t recognize the changes and we think each memory is authentic. So many brides report having foggy memories of their wedding day.  No surprise there. With all the stimulation and people and excitement it’s hard for your brain to slow down long enough to process and store a lot of these memories. And what about your perception of how successful your wedding day was. We had one bride who didn’t think anybody was having fun at her reception and that her wedding day wasn’t as happy as she had hoped. After watching her video, she remarked that she didn’t realize how much fun people were actually having at her wedding and how beautiful her wedding actually was. She spent most of her time stressing and not focusing on what was really going on. Her memory of her wedding day was different from the reality of her wedding day. Want to remember your wedding day as it really happened? A wedding video will make that happen…and for years to come. We all know how our memories get as we grow older. Don’t let your wedding day memories become foggy or full of misremembered details. Enjoy the memories of your wedding day as if it happened yesterday. “Photography is truth.  A movie is truth 24 times a second.”  Have you had the same experiences with how you remember your wedding day?  Share your thoughts.

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Think your wedding day will go as planned?

Hmmmm…probably not.  But that’s okay. The wedding can’t start without you and it’ll be just as beautiful as you imagined it.  As Wedding Videographers, we get a rare glimpse into the workings of a wedding day from start to finish.  Here are a few things that may or may not happen on your wedding day, but don’t stress, things like these are bound to happen to almost every couple.

<Hair and Make-up will take longer than expected.

<(Insert business name here) sent one of your Bridesmaids two left shoes.  Family friend goes back to the store to retrieve correct shoe and makes it back just in the nick of time.

<Iron in your room not working, and if there was ever a time when you really needed to iron something…

<Does anyone know how to tie a bow-tie? Anyone?

<Grandparents are lost.  Can’t read GPS.  Wedding begins in 30 mins.  Mom?!?!?!

<The limo is ready for us downstairs and I can’t find my shoes.  Mom?!?!?!

<Do you have the rings? No, do you have the rings?  Who has the rings?

<Hair and Make-up will take longer than expected. (Just in case you missed it the first time).

<Where’s the officiant?

<Who’s the officiant?  A friend of theirs.  Is this his first wedding? Yes.  I thought so.

<Honey, the officiant needs the marriage license. I thought you had the marriage license.

<I shouldn’t of eaten that sandwich.

<Do you think the wind will stop blowing at hurricane force by the time our ceremony starts?

<Do you think it’ll stop raining by the time our ceremony starts?

<Is the flower girl suppose to do that?  

<Isn’t the ring bearer adorable?  Hey, where’s he going?

<Where’s the maid of honor?  Let me call her.  She thought the wedding was tomorrow.

<It’s 1:00 p.m. The wedding starts at 1:00 p.m.  Where’s the bride?

<The rings please. OMG!!! I left them in the dressing room, I’ll be right back.

<Don’t let the groomsmen drink before the ceremony…especially on an empty stomach…especially on a warm summer day. Just saying.

<After entering the reception room…..Where’s the D.J.?

<I told you if we had two four foot cakes connected to each other on the top tier by a bridge it would probably collapse.

<It’s Bob’s turn to make the toast. Is Bob wearing a kilt? Is that make-up? OMG.

<Now honey, don’t smash the cake in my face…I don’t want to mess up my make-up. Honey???  Sweetheart?!?!? Don’t you dare!!!  Ohhhhh Noooooo!!!!

<Uncle Tony you’re in the way(processional).  Uncle Tony you’re blocking the photographer.  Uncle Tony you’re in the video guy’s way now.  Uncle Tony….go sit down.

<Getting married near the airport?  Ceremony lasting 20 minutes?  Expect at least 4 airplanes to fly over….loudly.

<I really, really, have to go to the bathroom right now. (after about an hour of picture taking…with no bathroom in sight).

<Who turned off all the lights? (middle of garter removal/toss).

<I told the DJ not to play that song, now (insert Bride’s name here) is upset.

<Could someone help my new husband off the bus, I think he passed out.

<Where’s the Bride…it’s time to cut the cake. Does anyone know where the Bride is?

<Where’s the Groom…it’s time to cut the cake. Does anyone know where the Groom is?

<Weren’t they suppose to start dinner at 8:00 p.m.?  What time is it now?  10:00 p.m.

<Hey look, a pool….think we should? Should we dare? It’s a rental anyway. Who’s with me? OMG…they all jumped in the pool with their clothes on. 

<I can’t find my husband. (Fremont St.)


So will your wedding go off without a hitch?  Let’s hope so.  But the odds are not in your favor.  Remember, this is Las Vegas.  Don’t stress, because after it’s all over, you’ll just laugh about it.  All the bumps and bruises that happen that day are what make your wedding day different and special.


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If you have seen our website, you have probably noticed this picture on our front page.  Besides the fact that we really like this photograph of Emily and Steve on their wedding day, there is actually a little romantic twist to the story behind the car in this photograph. Just days before their wedding, Steve had finally finished restoring this beautiful red 1971 Mustang convertible. He was so proud, and rightly so. This car was prominently on display in their pre-ceremony photographs and on their wedding video. In fact, the first time Emily ever got to ride in this car was immediately after the ceremony, when the two of them jumped into the car and drove away.  The romantic part you say?  This was the same car Steve’s parents used on their wedding day all those years ago.



Photos are actual video stills from their Wedding Video.  To see their highlight video…and the car, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwJlU8_Pt1Y

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