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As wedding videographers, we classify our wedding videos as “Cinematic Documentary Style”.  A documentary representation is often thought of as “as-it-happened” editing style.  That means that we capture and document the events of the day as they happen.  You get to hear and see events unfold naturally, nothing is staged.  The little conversations, the laughs, the tears, and the music. The video is then edited to reflect this.  The video is edited without using time shifting or lots of special effects.  You get to relive your wedding day as it happens.  “Cinematic Style” videos are usually heavily edited, a lot of natural sound is edited out, and depending on the editor, heavy on special effects.  For those Brides and Grooms looking for a wedding video that allows you to relive your wedding day as it happened and as it sounded, “Cinematic Documentary Style” wedding videography is the way to go.Image

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